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A bit about me

Andrea EdelmanAfter 20 years of working for national and local organizations providing career development services to individuals of all ages in all stages of their career, I decided it was time to live my passion and start my own company. So, I followed my dream and opened my own practice with the goal of helping others find what I had found — satisfaction, fulfillment, happiness, and the ability to wake up every day excited about work and life.

I believe we all have the capacity to live the life we dream of if we take the time to know ourselves and identify what is important to us. When we know what we value, we are better able to pursue and succeed in activities that fit who we are and live with purpose. I learned from many of the individuals I had the privilege to counsel over the years that work with meaning was an important factor in their overall happiness and life satisfaction. What a simple idea. When they identified their passions and what gave their life meaning, and matched that to work that fit their skills and abilities, they thrived.

Now I Get It! book coverI enjoyed every moment of helping others identify and live their dream, and now have moved on to continue living my own dream. I have closed my practice and am now focused on writing about what I have learned through my work as a career counselor.

I am pleased to announce that my first book NOW I GET IT! From Hindsight to Insight: A collection of thoughts and beliefs is now available!